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10 Random Facts About Me

Today I randomly decided to incorporate a blog into my website. I'm not into formal introductions so, here it goes!

1. I'm named after my grandmother. Her name was Maria but her nickname was "Van" because Jamaicans are special like that.

2. I'm 5'4" but my pants are almost always too short.

3. My ALL TIME FAVORITE food is crab legs!

4. I've been fully natural for 3 years now.

5. I don't typically wear a lot of jewelry on my hands or wrists but I always have on earrings and an anklet.

6. I was a chemistry major in college. It was such a challenge but I really just wanted to finish what I started. (And I did! UConn '15)

7. My favorite things to paint are natural hair, nature, and brown skin. Sometimes, all 3 of them at the same time.

8. One of my many nicknames is brownie. (That was exclusive to my parents until my friend Britney exposed me to the world. lol)

9. If I don't take showers at night, I'll be awake until maybe 4am.

10. I love babies! If I could, I would open up an infant daycare so I can hug babies all day while their parents are off being adults.

Until next time,


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