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Easy Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2020

If you didn't know Mother's Day is May 10th! Just enough time for you to purchase a Mother's Day gift and get it to Mom or that mom-like person in your life.

Here are some simple yet great ways you can make someone feel special on this day.

1. Cozy Gift Set

A fuzzy blanket, a cute mug, and her favorite or a variety of tea and coffee. Since social distancing is still in effect, this will be a great way to making staying at home even better. Add a card with a cute note to take it to the next level!

2. At Home Work Out Accessories

Some fit basics would include a tennis shoes, a yoga mat, towel, resistance bands, and maybe a cute water bottle! You can try websites like Target or Dicks Sporting Goods, but Five Below also has some great deals/finds.

3. A Painting for the office

Artist Expressions by Van has some great paintings for homes and offices. Shown below is a flower painting. There are also custom paintings you can order to get your own phrase, saying, or her favorite scripture.

If you are in search of other styles, you can also do some searching on the site.

4. Prepare Dinner or Brunch

If your special person is local, this is an awesome way to show your appreciation (and you get a great meal out of it as well). Here are some of my favorite recipes I've found online!

I also LOVE a bunch of recipes by Gabrielle McBay

5. Order Flowers or Sweet Treats for Home Delivery

Who doesn't love roses or chocolate covered strawberries? Consider contacting your local bakery or florist for delivery.

6. Makeup Bag Stocked with Goodies

Most brands have cute gift bags filled with a bunch of minis! Consider purchasing a bag from one of your mom's favorite brands and stocking it with makeup wipes, lipstick, gloss, eye liners, makeup brushes, and maybe even perfume!

Thanks for visiting and Happy Mother's Day to all!

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