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It's June 2020, still shouting Black Lives Matter.

This week in particular has been extremely taxing. I took a few walks to try and blow off the stress. On top of that I've had to take many breaks from social media because it can all be so overwhelming. The protests for police brutality, specifically the murder of George Floyd and many of the recent murders are to let the world know that we are done. The negative reactions to the protests further show that racism is alive and well. What frustrates me most is that we have to argue the value of our lives in a world where we give so much. In the place where we laid the foundation we are seen as a threat.

As an artist, I'm sure you know my preferred method of expression. I use my art as a release but I want people to feel happy or at peace when they see my art. I don't want to project the frustration I am feeling. So, I'm hoping to get over this hurdle and to a place where I can create and bring something uplifting at this time. Praying for accountability for a broken system. Praying for a better livelihood for my people. Praying for peace. Praying for you all. Please pray for me.

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