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What has power over you?

What has power over you?

Lately, I have been focused on discovering and getting control of the things that have power over me in my life. What gets you up every morning and gets you through your day? What motivates all of your decisions? Is it your drive to achieve your goals? Is it your bills? Is it your cravings? Is it your fear of loneliness? Is is your dissatisfaction with the life you have created for yourself? Who is driving your car? Is it you, your problems, or your God?

That person/thing you are submitting to has the power in your life and will determine its course. At a point, negative factors had control over my being such as fear of loneliness and I securities. This resulted in a negative life because I was more focused on dodging these rather than embracing me and what I brought to the table. In all the time I spent sulking in what I didn't have, I neglected what I did have and in return, it did not flourish.

I'm sure some of you can relate. Fear of loneliness will cause you to engage in meaningless relationships for no good reason and making long term decisions on a temporary thing. Lack of self control will have you putting your health on the back burner because you can't say no to sugary drinks or maxing out credit cards on clothes you don't need. Fear of missing out will leave you neglecting your big responsibilities for instant gratification. The wrong thing having power over you will keep you from reaching your full potential.

Submit to all things good and run from anything that isn't in line with who you are.

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